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About Us

Who we are

PACKNET, the Spanish Packaging Technology Platform, was formed as a non-profit association and public-private structure led by industry in 2009. It brings together participants in a science-technology-innovation system to identify and prioritize technological needs and define medium- and long-term research, development and innovation (R&D+I) strategies.

With over 100 current members up and down the entire packaging value chain, PACKNET is an open forum of multidisciplinary work led by companies and the respective business associations of the sector that counts on the additional support of technology centers, research organizations, universities and independent professionals.

Our main objective is to harness scientific and technological developments in order to ensure the competitiveness, sustainability and growth of the Spanish packaging industry.

Mission / Vision

What we do

PACKNET assembles research, development and innovation actors in packaging across Spain: our overall objective is to build a collaborative community together for the Spanish packaging sector and create a common space to promote knowledge exchange and dissemination, thereby enhancing technological capacity and business competitiveness.

At PACKNET we guide and accelerate packaging innovation, so have you got an idea for an innovative project that will create positive change in packaging value chain? We want to hear from you!

  • Stimulate and drive the exchange of knowledge, as well as its dissemination.

  • Promote competitiveness and enhance technological capacity.

  • Organize activities to promote and motivate R&D+I in line with identified social challenges.

  • Facilitate public-private collaboration.

  • Drive and accelerate the business implementation of the results achieved in R&D activities.

  • Promote knowledge generation through the collaboration of any entity interested in R+D+i projects.

  • Collaborate in the implementation of higher education in packaging in Spain and promote the list of training competencies in the sector.

  • Cooperate with other entities, whether national or international, that have a direct or indirect relationship with the packaging sector and R&D+I.

Purpose & Values

The value we create

Our specific goals are to stimulate and promote the exchange of knowledge and its dissemination; encourage public-private collaboration; accelerate and promote the application by business of the results achieved in R&D activities; contribute to the identification of R&D needs in the packaging sector, and guide them to solve society’s challenges.

PACKNET provides different services to its members, including sending up-to-date information on the latest developments in the packaging sector, and on calls – of national and international scope – for R&D+I projects.

Other services include searches for project partners, identifying different funding sources and maintaining contact with the relevant regional and national government departments in Spain.


At the core of PACKNET’s operations are a series of Working Groups (WGs) spanning the following topics: regulatory; circularity; training and academia; biodegradable materials; international links; consumer dialogue; and auxiliary packaging elements.


Receive updated information about technological innovation in the packaging industry, calls for R&D+i projects, and scientific and technological areas of national and international scope.

Engagement with government agencies and public institutions

Keep direct contact with government agencies and institutions related to the packaging value chain.

Research & Development
+ Innovation Opportunities

PACKNET as a packaging technology platform reinforces the links between R&D, innovation and industry, with a focus on medium-to-long-term strategies.

and events

Press releases dissemination for announcing newsworthy events or spread material information to our members about packaging sector.

Fostering International

In the field of science and technology, globalisation enhances a tendency for higher reliance on external sources, international collaboration and networking.

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Benefits and Resources

PACKNET offers its members numerous advantages in terms of access to information, knowledge and business opportunities alongside the packaging value chain.

This association serves as a network for scientific and technological cooperation among various stakeholders in the packaging industry, promoting public-private collaboration and accelerating the business implementation of R&D results.

PACKNET is open to all entities and companies with interests in any innovation project within the packaging value chain. Join Us!

Projects & Initiatives

Let's drive sustainable packaging together

PACKNET is a robust framework bringing together research, development and innovation actors from academia and packaging industry across Spain. Our platform provides an open and collaborative space for a vibrant community of researchers and innovators to formulate and implement ideas that address major societal challenges. We support their enthusiasm for circular packaging through a series of projects and initiatives, described below.

National projects & Initiatives

PACKNET is willing to support dissemination and outreach of relevant projects and outcomes to packaging industry in order to increase impact of research and innovation in to the market. In this way PACKNET has continuously collaborated with several prestigious national entities through participation in joint projects. These collaborations contribute to foster technological innovation alongside the packaging value chain. As examples notable mentions include READ – Red Española de Asociaciones de Diseño (Spanish Network of Design Associations), FUAM – Fundación de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Autonomous University of Madrid Foundation), FEDEPESCA, ITACYL – Instituto Tecnológico Agrario de la Junta de Castilla y León (Technological Agriculture Institute of Castilla y León Regional Government), FIAB – Federación Española de Industrias de Alimentación y Bebidas (Spanish Food and Beverage Industries Federation), ONCE, and AECOC.

International projects & Initiatives

At PACKNET we believe that packaging technological innovation can inspire a change of pace and the new mind-set that society needs in order to become (more) sustainable, smart and inclusive. This includes its participation in several Actions of the COST Program, such as ACTINPACK, CIRCUL-ABILITY, and FULLRECO4US, as well as in the Erasmus+ Program: PACKALL.

In partnership with foreign entities, PACKNET contributes to initiatives that aim to provide sustainable solutions to society’s big challenges. Together we develop and lead large-scale, integrated research and innovation programmes. These public private initiatives link research and partners along the packaging value chain to real world markets through accelerated innovations.

International Network

Working with global leading entities to support innovation

International relations contribute to the creation of added value through an articulated and stable system of external partnerships. These are the running PACKNET global partners:

The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment


European Cooperation inScience and Technology
European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials & Technologies



International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory


Asociación Internacional de Centros de Investigación en Packaging
Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá Clúster de Com. Gráfica de Bogotá


European Packaging Institutes Consortium



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